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The Goldfish and the Inner Tube


Creation 2018

Conception, performance, music: Ruth Childs et Stéphane Vecchione
Light design: Joana Oliveira
Technical research: Victor Roy
Dramaturgy: Michèle Pralong
Production: Scarlett’s
Delegated production and diffusion: Tutu production – Lise Leclerc
Coproductions: ADC-Genève, L’Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson CDC – Paris, Arsenic-Lausanne.
Supports: Affaires culturelles du Canton de Vaud, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Fondation Stanley Thomas Johnson, Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia, Fonds d’encouragement à l’emploi des intermittents genevois (FEEIG),la Loterie Romande, la Ville de Lausanne
Photos: Marie Magnin

Creation file

With this performance project we offer a collection of situations which we construct and deconstruct in front of an audience using our bodies, objects, materials, sounds, space and a given time. We are workers, performers, spectators and even objects, thus constantly playing with our functions.
As artists we propose a modest, quirky and curious investigation rather than a firm statement, offering a detailed observational mode of situations going from the most mundane to the most fascinating. We are looking for openings, and surprises, for the ambiguity between the abstract and the absurd, the body and the object, the spectator and the performer, the man and the woman, the musician and his music, the mirror and the window, lightness and despair, coexistence and autonomy, and generosity and mistrust. We also intend to forget momentarily our own labels of dancer/performer (Ruth Childs) and musician/performer (Stéphane Vecchione.) We seek an exchangeable, ephemeral and recyclable status.

Past Shows
  • 12.06.2018
    June Events, Atelier de Paris CDCN, France
  • 23–27.05.2018
    Arsenic, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 11–15.04.2018
    ADC, Geneva, Switzerland (Première)